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Mr. Nagendra P. Singh

Nagendra P. Singh is a respected leadership coach, entrepreneurship mentor, ODI strategist, and change process facilitator. With a passion for driving growth and unlocking potential, he has revolutionized leadership and motivation through competency-based OD interventions. Dr. Singh's transformative interventions in public sector and government organizations have redefined good governance and change management, setting new milestones for success. With his rich experience and academic background, he delivers exceptional guidance and strategies that yield tangible results.

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President, ISABS

This is an apex professional body affiliated to NTL USA known for human process skill training globally.That has more than accredited 150 professional trainers operating all around globe with high credentials in their own area of training and professional competence. Dr nagendra singh graduated during 1980 having gone through serioes of training and multi layers lab exposure of intense self work and group relation ,coaching training. His contribution as a writer, process trainer and facilitator has been remarkable journey of his life in his total experience



Formerly faculty member associated with IIM-A (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad) and MDI- (Management Development Insititute,Gurgaon)and Director, Behaviour science NIESBUD Govt of India organisation .Has also been founder Director Entreprenurship Development Institute ,Lucknow. Has been visitng professor Cranfield School of Managent Bedford-UK,International Management Institute(IMI), Delhi ,FORE School of Management and NTL,Bethel USA from time to time over the years.Has taken over recently as Co-chair ASEED-IDMAT an autonomous development institue that is instrumental for creating livelihood support initiaitve for more than 30,000 rural families in India building capacity of several third sector partner organisations in south Asian organisations. Has also been responsibile for initiaitng OD intervention in several noted corporate and international development organisations like Unicef, Care International and Action Aid international etc.Has also been commited to development intervention through strategic governance process as a change managment advisor in public organisation ,member with state adminisitrative reform commission and associated with several working groups of Planning commision Governmnet of India.Has led several change management intervention in social and public organisation over the years through human and instituional development intiaitve .Authored more than hundred articles in reputed journals in India and abraod .Currently Hon.cheif editor Developmetn Milestone-journal of development leadership

2010 - Present


In order attain the good governance and institutional leader my support has been more in the area of Capacity Building, Institutional Linkages, Good governance and Entrepreneurial leadership. 

I strongly believe that in order to create values to the work place the purpose of life needs to be addressed and redefined. We are born and endowed with infinite energy and aspirations towards attaining perfection but many of us fail to believe and over the year lose faith into our-self. 

The nature of the work as organisational leader needs to be energy driven, I strongly believe towards value creation while addressing the longer purposes of the life, would the set the foundations for the future.


Hon President, ASEED-IDMAT

Inspiring the team of Board members and senior stake holders of the organisation .Explore ways to help innovative intervention, expansion ,diversification to multiple areas of the organisation.Encourage the senior team to take up new pathways and move towards excellence and organisation effectiveness. 

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