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Spiritual Integration & Leading

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

"I am your blog like a cog in the wheel Of your life,

You write what you think

Also what you feel

In poems or in prose.

Dwelling in a deep well

Like a frog

Who knows little

Beyond the well

I have lived through

Trust me

I am your Blog."


I have found that thoughts are very dynamic. Not mine alone but for everyone. A few collate and transfer when it comes to them quickly, Many let it go. In the absence of my own blog, I have been writing in bits and pieces in notebooks.I have been unorganized. Thoughts help originate ideas and convert them into my small creations or books and some new poems. I chose to write more often than I used to .A close friend of mine asked me some time ago; "What are you busy with?

At the time of your aging."

I responded

"I am busy discovering

My inner connect.

You know I was disconnected

Within myself for years.

I am busy searching

My relationship with feelings

Thought and my own action

That were not in harmony

An incongruent self

Lives in dissonance

With the nature

Missing my inner joy and peace

Also discovering my

Untapped potentials

Through my outside and inside.

Within my own self

I remain busy locating

Some unknown

Treasures lying dormant within.

Are you on the path

Saging while aging?

May be but not renunciating ,

Not quiting

Not Escaping Of course not taking

A refuge in giving up

But giving to mysef. and to the world

Before I go away.

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